We’re comparing the Ford Focus and the Vauxhall Astra. Engine wise we will compare the 1.0 turbo petrol variants, with similar power outputs – the Focus is 100PS and the Astra is 105PS. The comparison uses per price and specification data as per 16th July 2016.

Vehicle Comparison

Both cars are very popular family hatchbacks. Both cars are very similar size, with the Focus being 4360mm long and the Astra 4370. Luggage capacity, they are again similar, with the Focus holding 316l and the Astra a bit more at 370l.  Weight wise, the cars are also very similar.

Price Comparison

The cheapest Focus with this engine is the ‘Style’ trim version at £17,845. The cheapest Astra with this engine is the ‘Design’ trim version at £16,145. So the Astra looks like it is cheaper as standard, but equipment levels differ, so we need to make these as close as we can for a fair comparison.

To keep the comparison as close as possible, we have gone for standard non-metallic paint on both cars. For the Focus this is ‘Race Red’ and for the Astra this is ‘Royal Blue’. On both cars we selected the standard 16″ wheels – on the Focus these are steel, whilst on the Astra these are alloy.

Equipment wise, there are a number of other differences and the table below details these.

Ford FocusVauxhall Astra
Electrically operated rear windowsNot an optionStandard
Heated door mirrorsNot an optionStandard

So the Astra comes with a few extra items specification wise (as well as alloys wheels as standard) and also is cheaper to begin with.

Therefore the conclusion is that for the 1.0 turbo petrol 5rd variants, the Ford focus is comparatively more expensive than the Vauxhall Astra.

NOTE: This comparison is based on prices as of 17th July 2016, with the equipment comparison done as accurately as possible. Price differences for other engine and trim combinations may differ.

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