Buying a brand new car is a significant investment of both time and money. It’s something you’ll likely keep for several years, so it’s important to make the right decisions. You’ll then get a car that you’re happy with and at a good price. 

Decide On The Type Of Car 

Car Size 

You’ll want to decide on the size of car that you need or would like. To be the most environmentally friendly, you’ll want to get the smallest car that you’re happy with. However you may decide that you’d actually be more comfortable with a slightly larger car – such as an SUV

Engine vs Electric vs Hybrid 

With electric cars gaining popularity and prices slowly coming down, it’s important to decide whether you’d like your car to have a traditional petrol / diesel engine, or whether you’d like a full electric, or perhaps the half-way house which is a plug-in hybrid. Full electric cars are cheaper to run, but do still cost most, so the pay back may take many years. However for some people, it’s also about trying to be more environmentally friendly. Also if you have solar panels and generate excess electricity, you can use this to charge your car. 

Make a Short List 

Once you’ve decided on the type of car you’d like, it’s worth viewing the cars (preferably in person and/or on the manufacturers websites) and also watching review – YouTube reviews can often be the best as you get a real feel for how the car is. You should then aim to make a short list – perhaps of 3 to 4 cars. 

Compare Car Prices 

From your short list, it’s then worth comparing prices. Our site allows you to compare car prices properly as it factors in options. So you can get a clear idea. Check out our car price comparisons: 

Decide How To Buy The Car – Cash or Hire/Lease  

Once you’ve have chosen a car, you need to decide how to fund it. Check out our guide for how to get the best price when buying it. 

You’ll also need to sell your old car. Part exchange is the least hassle (and risk) option, although if you sell it privately you could get more money for it. 

Get Insurance 

Finally, when it comes to picking up your car, you need to choose and get car insurance in place. Check our guide on car insurance cost to see how it varies and the type of insurance.