Seat Ateca


We’re comparing the New Mk2 2016 VW Tiguan with the Seat Ateca, which is a brand new model. Engine wise we will compare the 190PS Diesel 4WD DSG variants, which is one of the highest performance models. The comparison uses price and specification data as per 29th July 2016.

Vehicle Comparison

Both cars are classified as SUVs, utilise the VAG ‘MQB’ platform and most of the underpinnings (including key things such as engines) are the same. We are looking at the ‘Xcellence’ trim on the Seat, which unlike all the other variants comes with the better multilink system rear suspension which is the same as the Tiguan has. (Other variants of the seat comes with the lesser ‘Semirigid rear axle’ ) that all Tiguans come with. It should be noted that the VW Tiguan is a slightly bigger car – it’s 12cm longer and also has a boot space of 615 litres vs 510 litres in the Ateca, which is a significant difference. Another difference it the Tiguan rear seat slides, and tilts, whereas in the Ateca it is fixed.


Price Comparison

The cheapest Ateca with this engine is the ‘XCELLENCE’ trim version at £29,990. The cheapest and most comparible (equipement wise) Tiguan with this engine is the ‘SE Nav’ trim version at £32,485. So the Ateca looks like it is a bit cheaper as standard, but equipment levels differ, so we need to make these as close as we can for a fair comparison.

To keep the comparison as close as possible, we have gone for standard non-metallic paint on both cars. For the Tiguan there no-cost option is Urano Grey. On Ateca the only no-cost option is Mediterranean Blue. On both cars we selected the standard 18″ alloy wheels. The Ateca comes with leather upholstery as standard where as the Tiguan just comes with fabric, so we need to factor that in.

Equipment wise, there are a number of other differences and the table below details these.

VW TiguanSeat Ateca
Base Price£32,485£29,990
Black leather interior£1,750 Standard
LED headlights£1,350 Standard
Ambient lighting£260Standard

So the Tiguan comes out at a total of £35,845 and Ateca at £29,990 for as close as possible match equipment wise. The Tiguan at £35,485 with the options listed does however have several which are slightly better than the Ateca – e.g. 3-zone climate control as opposed to 2-zone, front AND rear sensors.

There are a number of other minor differences between the two cars, which are not available as options.

So in summary the Tiguan costs £5,885 more than the Ateca for a similar specification of car.

Therefore the conclusion is that for the 190PS  Diesel 4WD variant, the VW Tiguan is comparatively significantly more expensive than the Seat Ateca.

NOTE: This comparison is based on prices as of 30th July 2016, with the equipment comparison done as accurately as possible. Price differences for other engine and trim combinations may differ.

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