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We’re comparing the 2018 Skoda Fabia SEL with the Volkswagen Polo SEL and the Seat Ibiza FR. Engine wise we will compare the 1.0 110PS Petrol DSG in the Skoda with the slightly newer 1.0 115PS Petrol DSG in the Polo and Seat. These are some of the highest performance petrol models. The comparison uses price and specification data as per 5th May 2018.

Vehicle Comparison

All three cars are classified as small cars, and although all from the VAG group, the platform is different. The Fabia utilises a mixture of the PQ25 platform and the ‘MQB’ platform where as the Polo and the Seat use the newest MQB A0 platform. Many of the underpinnings (including key things such as engines) are the very similar or the same. We are looking at the ‘SEL’ trim on the Fabia and the similarly named ‘SEL’ trim on the Polo. For the Ibiza we are looking at the ‘FR’ trim as you need this trim to be able to have the 115PS engine. All three cars are similar length and height, however it should be noted that the Polo and Ibiza are slightly wider cars. The Fabia has a slightly smaller boot capacity of 330 litres compared to 355 in the Polo and Ibiza.

Price Comparison

The base price of the Fabia SEL 110PS DSG is £16,795, the Polo SEL 115PS DSG is £19,390 and the Ibiza FR 115PS DSG is £17,965.

To keep the comparison as close as possible we will go with the non-metallic white. On the Skoda this is a £205 option, on the VW it is £340 and on the Seat it is £250.

The Fabia and Polo come with 16″ alloys as standard, whilst the Seat comes with 17″ – we will therefore select 17″ in the Fabia and Polo to ensure a fair comparison. This costs £355 extra for the Fabia and £325 extra for the Polo.

Equipment wise, there are a number of differences and the table below details these.

Skoda FabiaVW PoloSeat Ibiza
Base price£16,795£19,390£17,965
White paint£205£340£250
17″ wheels£355£325Standard
Front and rear parking sensors£295 Standard£220 (rear only)
Front fog lights£135 Standard Standard
Fatigue detection£55 Standard Standard
Light & rain assistant£130 StandardNot available
Rear electric windows£165 Standard Not available
Tinted glass£165 Standard Standard
Navigation£510 Standard Standard
Dual zone climate controlStandard (single zone only) Standard£320

The Skoda Fabia comes out at a total of £18,810, the VW Polo at £20,055 and the Seat Ibiza at £18,755 for as close as possible match equipment wise. It should be noted that some items the Polo has are not available on the Fabia or Ibiza and some are worse – e.g. only single zone climate control and smaller screen on the Fabia.

So in summary the Polo costs £1,245 more than the Fabia and £1,300 more than the Ibiza for a similar specification of car.

Therefore the conclusion is that for the 1.0 110PS/115PS TSI DSG, the VW Polo is comparatively more expensive than the Skoda Fabia and Seat Ibiza.

It should be noted that aside from equipment, there are some other differences that justify the higher asking price for the Polo. A key one is that the Polo has some higher quality materials, in particular the dashboard is a ‘soft touch’ plastic, whereas the Fabia and Ibiza both have hard plastics.

NOTE: This comparison is based on prices as of 5th May 2018, with the equipment comparison done as accurately as possible. Price differences for other engine and trim combinations may differ.

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