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We’re comparing the 2018 Skoda Karoq SEL with the Seat Ateca FR. Engine wise we will compare the 1.5 TSI 150PS Petrol Manual. These are popular petrol models with fairly good performance. The comparison uses price and specification data as per 8th November 2018.

Vehicle Comparison

Both cars are classified as SUVs and share a common platform. We are looking at the ‘SEL’ trim on the Karoq and the ‘FR’ trim on the Ateca. (It should be noted that although the Ateca offer a ‘SEL’ trim they do not offer the 1.5 TSI engine, hence why we went to the next spec. up, the ‘FR’.) Both cars are similar length and height. The Karoq has a slightly larger boot space of 521 litres compared to 510 in the Ateca.

Performance, Efficiency and Range Comparison

The 0-60 time for the Karoq is 8.4s, whilst the Ateca reaches 60mph in 8.2s. In terms of efficiency, as the Karoq has a combined efficiency of 42.8 MPG, whilst the Ateca achieves 43.4 MPG

Price Comparison

The base price of the Karoq SEL 150PS Manual is £24,975 and the Ateca FR 150PS Manual is £26,510.

To keep the comparison as close as possible we will go with metallic paint, which comes as a no-cost option on the Ateca.

Both cars come with 18″ alloys as standard.

Equipment wise, there are a number of differences and the table below details these.

Skoda KaroqSeat Ateca
Base Price£24,975£26,510
Metallic paint£595Standard
LED interior light package and ŠKODA welcome logo£350Standard
Reversing cameraStandard£410
Sliding rear seatStandardNot available
Parking sensors (front and rear)StandardNot available

The Skoda Karoq comes out at a total of £25,920 and the Seat Ateca at £26,920 for as close as possible match equipment wise. It should be noted that some significant equipment comes as standard on the Karoq, but isn’t available on the Ateca including sliding rear seat and parking sensors.

So in summary the Ateca costs £1,000 more than the Karoq for a similar specification of car.

Therefore the conclusion is that for the 1.5 150PS TSI Manual, the Seat Ateca is comparatively more expensive than the Skoda Karoq.

In terms of on-going running costs for fuel, both cars are identical with the Seat Ateca and Skoda Karoq both having a combined MPG of 51.4 MPG.

NOTE: This comparison is based on prices as of 8th November 2018, with the equipment comparison done as accurately as possible. Price differences for other engine and trim combinations may differ.

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