We’re comparing the Tesla Modely Y and Audi Q4 e-tron cars. 

Vehicle Size Comparison 

Both cars are classed as SUVs. The dimensions of both cars are: 

Tesla Model Y dimensions = 4.78m length x 1.85 width x 1.60m height. (Wheelbase = 2.88m) 

Audi Q4 dimensions = 4.59m length x 1.87 width x 1.63m height. (Wheelbase = 2.77m) 

The model Y is noticably longer, slightly less wide and similar height compared to the Audit Q4. The Tesla Model has a much larger boot at 854 litres compared to the Audi Q4 which has a 520 litre boot. 

Performance Comparison 

The 0-60 time for the Tesla Model Y is 4.8s, whilst the Audi Q4 reaches 60mph in 6.2. Therefore the Tesla Model Y is noticable faster than the Q4 50 quattro. 

Price Comparison 

To have a comparable base-line, we at the base (but high specification!) Tesla Model Y Long Range and the Audi Q4 S line 50 e-tron quattro.  

The Tesla comes with an estimated usable battery capacity of 70kWh, whilst the Audi has 77kWh. The base price of the Tesla Model Y Long Range £54,990, and the Audi Q4 S line e-tron 50 is £52,755. 

To keep the comparison as close as possible we will go with a popular metalic grey paint, which is £1,100 extra for the Model Y and £575 extra for the Q4. 

The Tesla comes with 19″ wheels as standard, whilst the Audi has 20″. So we will upgrade the VW Tesla wheels, which costs £2,100 extra. 

Equipment wise, there are some differences and the table below details these. 

 Tesla Model Y Audi Q4 S line e-tron 50  
Base Price £54,990 £52,755 
Metallic paint £1,100 £575 
20″ wheels £2,100 Standard 
Glass roof Standard Not available 
Reversing camera Standard £1,295 * 
Wireless phone charging Standard Not available ** 
Electric front seats Standard Not available ** 
Premium sound system Standard Part of comfort and sound pack 
Driving assistance Standard (lots!) £650 (less) 

* Part of comfort and sound pack 

** This was previously available as an option, but appear to have been removed.

The Tesla Model Y comes out at a total of £58,190 and the Audi Q4 at £55,264 for as close as possible match equipment wise. It should be noted that there are several equipment differences that are not possible to match since options are not available on the Audi Q4 – such as the glass roof, wireless phone charging, electric seats. Factoring in, these would be worth several thousand pounds. 


Therefore the conclusion is that the Tesla Model Y is comparatively very similar price to the Audi Q4 e-tron S line 50. 

The WLTP range of the Tesla Model Y 315 miles, whilst the Audi Q4 S line e-tron 50 is 287 miles. So the Tesla Model Y is more efficient. 

NOTE: This comparison is based on prices as of 15th November 2021. 

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