We’re comparing the VW UP, Skoda Citigo and Seat Mii. We are looking at the 5 door version with the 1.0 60PS engine. VW have just announced the new UP, but as Skoda and Seat have not yet announced face-lifted models, we are comparing the old UP to make it a fair comparison. The comparison uses per price and specification data as per 15th July 2016.

Vehicle Comparison

These cars are city cars and it’s no secret they share the same platform and are very similar. External dimensions, weight and boot capacity are almost identical on the three cars. The key differences on the cars is the styling – interior is very similar, but the exterior is more different. The VW UP is the most different as it has a full black glass rear, whilst the citigo and Mii do not.

Price Comparison

The cheapest VW UP with this engine is the ‘Take up!’ version at £8,975, the cheapest Skoda Citigo is the ‘S’ version at £8,625 and the cheapest Seat Mii is the ‘S’ version at £8,795.

To keep the comparison as close as possible, we have gone for standard non-metallic paint on the cars. On the UP and Citigo this is ‘Tornado Red’ and on the Mii you have the option of ‘Sunflower yellow’ or ‘Tornado Red’. We selected the standard 14″ alloy wheels and the only interior option on these models which is cloth.

Equipment wise, the only significant difference is that the VW UP comes with DAB Digtial Radio, whilst the Skoda and Seat do not. To add this to the Citigo is £155 and to add to the Mii is £185.

So the Skoda Citigo comes out at a total of £8,780 whilst the Mii comes out at a total of £8,980.

So in summary VW UP and Seat Mii are pretty much exactly the same price – difference is £5! Whilst the Skoda Citigo is the around £200 cheaper .

Therefore the conclusion is that Skoda Citigo is comparatively slightly cheaper than the VW UP and Seat Mii.

NOTE: This comparison is based on prices as of 15th July 2016, with the equipment comparison done as accurately as possible. Price differences for other engine and trim combinations may differ.

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